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The best air defense unit will go to the competition in China

20.06.2017 83 просмотров

The best air defense unit of the Russian Armed Forces will represent the country at the Clear Sky international competition in China, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense.

All-army competition "Clear Sky" started in Southern Military District (SMD) at the base of the training center of military air defense of the Ground Forces as part of the International Army Games-2017.

«The team that showed the best result will represent the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at the international competition Clear Sky“, which is scheduled to be held in August this year in the People's Republic of China  — said in the message.

During the competition, which will be held at the Yeisky training ground, anti-aircraft gunners will perform live firing from portable anti-aircraft missile systems "Igla" from places and in movement on targets simulating a helicopter and high-speed air targets flying both towards and removing. Also, servicemen will compete in driving BTR-80 armored personnel carriers along rough terrain of the sea coast with overcoming various obstacles: a ford, a slope, a section of a mine-explosive barrier, and also in conditions of the use of chemical weapons by a mock enemy.

< p>Competition «Clear Sky» carried out in four stages: the first — actions of an air defense platoon in the concentration area, the second — combat operations of the unit for covering troops on the march, the third — covering troops in the course of conducting maneuver defense and the fourth — actions of the air defense unit to overcoming the zones of destruction and blockages.

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