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The Beijing Olympics have attracted the largest number of spectators in the history of the Winter Games

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Watch the information and publicistic program “Chinese Panorama” on the TV channel “Greater Asia” (Issue 29):
  • The builders told how the main Olympic skating rink in Beijing works
  • The Beijing Winter Olympics became the most watched Winter Games ever
  • Citizens and policemen of Qinghai rescued a snow leopard 
  • Zoocafes are especially popular among Beijingers 

The builders told how the main Olympic ice rink in Beijing works< br>
The skating rink at the National Skating Center in Beijing was the first in the history of the Olympic Games to use carbon dioxide instead of coolant. For its transmission, high-precision stainless steel pipes were laid under the arena. The temperature of the ice surface here is lower than at other Olympic venues, and the temperature difference is regulated with an accuracy of half a degree Celsius. The use of carbon dioxide is one of China's commitments to hosting an environmentally friendly Olympic Games.


Yang Chengi, senior engineer at a pipe supplier:

“If the temperature of the ice is not the same, the surface will be hard in one place and soft in another. This will affect the performance of athletes. Therefore, the size of pipes for transporting gas must be the same everywhere to the millimeter.”


Welding played a special role in the preparation process. 

< i>Yang Chengyi, Senior Engineer, Pipe Supply Company:

“In production, we straightened each pipe twice. We had to make sure that the inside and the outside were of high precision standards. If the pipes are well fitted to each other, then the correct flow of liquid carbon dioxide is ensured.”


Stainless steel pipes with a total length of 120 kilometers were laid behind a layer below the surface of the ice, like a layer cake. When they let liquid carbon dioxide through them, it provided the same temperature of the ice. Thanks to this, athletes can accelerate to maximum speeds.

The Beijing Winter Olympics has become the most popular among spectators in the history of the Winter Games

China Media Corporation, which owns exclusive rights to broadcast the Beijing Olympics, gathered the largest viewership in the history of the Winter Games. For the first time, new high-definition technologies and spectacular 3D replays were used in the broadcasts. A video camera developed by the Media Corporation, which is capable of reaching speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour, helped to monitor every movement of the athletes.


According to the marketing and television service of the International Olympic Committee, the number of viewers of the World Games in Beijing will reach 2 billion people around the world. Already, 600 million sports fans have watched the Winter Olympics in China alone. In addition to television broadcasts, the Olympic Games were also shown live on Internet platforms. 


Zoo cafes are especially popular among Beijingers

Cats and dogs in the Beijing zoo found new neighbors. Establishments expand and give birth to other animals. There are also completely new places with animals unusual for a city dweller.


For example, in the restaurant "Mr. Raccoonie" live six raccoons. Guests can feed them and watch the games. According to the director of the restaurant, during the Spring Festival, the flow of visitors increased. To get there on the weekend, those who wish must book a table at least two days in advance.


Guo Yunwei, Director of Mr. Raccoonie Restaurant:

“During the New Year holidays, the flow of our customers increased rapidly, so we launched several additional options. During the holidays, our revenue increased by about 1.5 times.”


In another zoo, guests can buy special treats for local pets and feed them themselves. Alpacas, sheep, dogs and meerkats happily accept treats from visitors. Such entertainment costs about 100 yuan.


Gu Mengya, Owner of YO-YO PETEA zoo:

“We have over 200 guests a day. The animals are free to roam the cafe and are trained to coexist peacefully with other species.”


Statistics show that two-thirds of the zoo's visitors are young people aged 20 to 30.< br>

Citizens and policemen of Qinghai rescued a snow leopard

In Qinghai Province, the staff of the Feikui Lake Nature Reserve patrolled the territory and found a snow leopard lying motionless. The fur of the animal was covered with salt, and the snow leopard itself, apparently, suffered from drinking salt water. Assistance was required immediately, because the temperature in the area dropped to -10 degrees Celsius.


Officials immediately called the police for help. Despite the painful condition, the snow leopard was on the alert and tried to get away from the rescuers. It took the police and local residents about six hours to catch the animal. The snow leopard was sent to a veterinary clinic in the nearest major city of Golmud.


Yue Haihua, Forestry Brigade Instructor Golmud Public Security Bureau police: 

“The snow leopard’s vitals are stable and on the mend. If everything goes well, the animal will soon be released into the wild. If something goes wrong, specialists will continue monitoring and further treatment.”


The snow leopard is a rare species under state protection in China. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has categorized this species as Vulnerable. 

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