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The ban on the entry of foreigners into the Philippines will be valid until April 30

17.04.2021 39 просмотров

The Philippines has extended until the end of April the ban on entry into the country for foreigners.

The Philippine authorities have extended until April 30 a ban on the entry of foreigners and some citizens of the country into the republic in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This was announced on Friday by presidential spokesman Harry Roque.

According to him, the task force to combat the spread of coronavirus approved the extension of the restriction, which entered into force on March 22 and was supposed to be valid until April 21, the media group writes. ABC - CBC. Roque clarified that "foreign nationals with valid entry documents issued prior to March 22, 2021 may enter the Philippines." We are talking about diplomats, representatives of international organizations, foreign crews of ships, as well as parents, spouses and children of Philippine citizens traveling together.

On January 30, 2020, the first case of coronavirus infection was detected in the Philippines. To date, the total number of people infected in the republic has exceeded 904.2 thousand, more than 705.1 thousand people have recovered, 15.5 thousand patients have died. The country's authorities have already approved the emergency use of four vaccines: the joint production of the American company Pfizer (Pfizer) and the German BioNTech (Biontek), the British-Swedish AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca), the Chinese Sinovac (Sinovac),and also the Russian Sputnik V. On March 1, vaccination with CoronaVac ("Koronavak") began in the country, 600 thousand doses of which were delivered to the republic on February 28.

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