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The authorities of the Indian capital extended the restrictions due to coronavirus until May 3

25.04.2021 89 просмотров

The total number of infected in Delhi has exceeded 1 million.

The government of the Indian National Capital Territory of Delhi (which includes New Delhi), in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, has extended the tight restrictions that were supposed to be in place until Monday morning, for another week - until May 3. Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced this on Sunday in a speech broadcast by local TV channels.

“The lockdown is extended by one week until 05:00 TASS) May 3. This extension was necessary as the number of infections is not declining. Everyone, including merchants and ordinary people, said that it needed to be extended,” said Arvind Kejriwal.

He noted that in the outgoing week, the proportion of positive test results for coronavirus in relation to the total number of tests done in the city reached 36%. About a third of the samples are positive. “We have never seen such a high performance in Delhi before. Today, this figure has dropped to 29%, but this does not mean that the coronavirus is ending. We'll have to wait, observe and fight it," the head of the capital's government added.

The authorities of the Indian capital had previously introduced the so-called lockdown from the evening of April 19 to the morning of April 26. All employees of private companies can only work from home, only government agencies and "essential service providers" continue to work as usual. Only grocery stores and pharmacies are open, while home delivery of groceries and essential goods is allowed.

Over the past day, 24,103 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Delhi. The total number of people infected during the epidemic in the metropolitan agglomeration reached 1,004,782.

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