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Thailand to lift quarantine for vaccinated tourists from several countries

12.10.2021 97 просмотров

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha said these people will need to take PCR tests.

From November 1, the Thai authorities will lift the quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers arriving from a number of countries with a low infection rate. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha said this on Monday during a televised address.

this week, the issue of allowing international travelers to enter the country from November 1 if they are fully vaccinated and arrive in Thailand by plane from countries with a low level of infection,” he said. The Prime Minister specified that for now the list of countries will consist of 10 states, including Great Britain, Germany, Singapore, China and the United States. He added that the list of territories from where tourists can arrive without quarantine will be expanded twice - by December 1 and by January 1.

No quarantine

According to him According to him, fully vaccinated people will not have to go through quarantine, but they will need to pass PCR tests. “All travelers need to do is show a [negative] PCR test before leaving their country and take [another] test upon arrival, after which they will be able to move freely around the kingdom just like any Thai citizen.” , — said the official.

At the same time, he agreed that the lifting of the quarantine is associated with certain risks, resulting in a possible temporary increase in the number of infected people. “We will continue to welcome travelers from countries [not yet] included in the list, but they will need to go through quarantine and comply with other requirements,” the politician added.

“The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the greatest challenges which our country has ever faced,” he stated. “She made very big sacrifices in the form of lost livelihoods, lost savings and ruined businesses.” “The time has come to prepare to live with this,” the prime minister emphasized.

However, Prayut Chan-Ocha said that by December 1, the issue of allowing the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in restaurants and bars. “By December 1, we will also consider allowing the consumption of alcoholic beverages in restaurants, as well as the operation of entertainment venues <…> to support and revitalize the tourism sector, especially as the New Year period approaches,” he elaborated.


June 16, Prime Minister Prayut Chan -Ocha has set a 120-day deadline for the full reopening of the country to vaccinated travelers. Then he declared that there was no time for a full vaccination of the country's population, after which the kingdom should have been opened. In July, an active increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus began, the peak of which fell on August 13, when 23.4 thousand cases were registered per day.

Touching upon the topic of vaccination of the population, as a result of the insufficiency of which the opening of Bangkok and a number of provinces was postponed twice , the prime minister announced a high rate of immunization. “Currently, more than 700,000 vaccinations are given daily, and sometimes even more than a million a day,” he stressed.

these achievements. [This] now allows us to begin the process of opening Thailand to entry without quarantine,” concludedPrayut Chan-Ocha.

In Thailand, with a population of 69.6 million, the first case coronavirus infection was detected on January 13, 2020. On Monday, the Ministry of Health informed about 10 thousand infected and 60 dead per day. At the moment, the total number of infected people in the kingdom has exceeded 1.72 million, more than 1.59 million people have recovered, and 17.7 thousand patients have died.

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