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Thailand introduces compulsory insurance for foreign pensioners

16.05.2019 162 просмотров

Previously, to obtain such a visa, it was enough to have $25,000 in a bank account.

From July of this year, non-working foreigners living in Thailand on so-called “retirement visas” will be required to have a medical insurance policy covering at least $1,300 for outpatient treatment costs per year and at least $13,000 for inpatient treatment. This decision was made by the country's government.

“Retirement visa » is called an O-A visa, which is issued to foreign citizens over 50 years of age and with sufficient funds to live in Thailand. $25 thousand. Now, in addition to this, you need to purchase medical insurance.

then Thai insurance companies are extremely reluctant to issue policies to foreigners suffering from chronic diseases and having bad habits.

It is possible to issue policies from insurance companies from other countries, but only if they meet local requirements for coverage.
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