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Thai massage received UNESCO World Heritage status

14.12.2019 100 просмотров

The world-famous practice of Thai massage has been added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Traditional Thai massage is considered part of the art and science of traditional medicine. Doctors and monks developed massage techniques in Thailand over 2500 years ago. Then the techniques were passed down from generation to generation, from master to student in temples, and then among the peasants.

Siberian championship in massage 
was held in Barnaul

During the reign of King Rama III of Thailand in the 19th century, scientists engraved their knowledge of Thai massage on the stones of the famous Wat Pho temple in Bangkok. In a modern state, you can use the procedure both in upscale spas and on the beaches of the kingdom.

Thai massage aims to improve blood circulation, relieve swelling, eliminate muscle pain, relieve tension and relax the tendons. The procedure stimulates and improves the activity of the nervous system, blood flow to the skin, and has a beneficial effect on the state of the body.

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