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Thai authorities have simplified entry rules for vaccinated tourists

03.05.2022 99 просмотров

Thailand has canceled the PCR test on arrival for travelers vaccinated against COVID-19 and simplified the quarantine.

The Thai authorities have canceled PCR tests on arrival for vaccinated travelers from Sunday and simplified the quarantine for unvaccinated travelers. At the same time, tourists still need to obtain an entry permit by uploading a vaccination certificate and medical insurance with minimum coverage of 10,000$ into the Thailand Pass system. dollars.

Thus, immunized travelers no longer need to book a hotel for one night to wait for the result of a PCR test. Meanwhile, they recommended to monitor symptoms on their own, so in case of their appearance and confirmation of the presence of infection with using a rapid test, seek medical help 

Belated decision

TASS, the general representative of the tour operator Tez Tour in Southeast Asia Andrey Snetkov called the next simplification of the procedure for entering the country belated. “The decision is a little late, and it would have been much better for the travel industry to make it, at least until high season ends in February,” he says. “On the other hand, a balance is important between public opinion, where the majority opposed the simplification of entry measures, fearing an increase in the number of infected, and the interests of business.” “The fact that this step has been taken shows the Thai government’s understanding of the need to adjust the scheme of work in the era of the pandemic in accordance with global changes,” the expert emphasized.

In Thailand, fully vaccinated against coronavirus are considered foreign citizens vaccinated with two doses of various drugs, including Sputnik V, no later than 14 days before  ; trips. Citizens vaccinated with Sputnik Light are not considered fully immunized.

For unvaccinated or partially immunized travelers, as of May 1, they may not be subject to mandatory quarantine if they upload a negative PCR result to Thailand Pass- test 72 hours before travel. At the same time, those who wish to go on a five-day isolation must pay for the hotel for the entire period, as well as the transfer from the airport to the hotel and the PCR test, which is given on the fourth or fifth day. “The quarantine option is designed for  travelers who, for whatever reason, cannot do a PCR test in advance, - explained Andrey Snetkov. — If we compare the cost of a PCR test and   five days of isolation in a hotel, then quarantine will soon become a rarely requested option.

Cancellation of the Thailand Pass

The Thai government is considering the option of completely canceling the Thailand Pass system in June, this decision may partly depend on the reclassification of a pandemic as an endemic, which was planned to be done by July. “It must be remembered that the recent changes related to the cancellation of the PCR test before departure did not lead to a worsening of the situation in the country,” continued the representative of Tez Tour. — I I am sure that after the introduction of all the relaxations, fans of Thailand from all over the world will again return to consideration of this destination for recreation, however, we expect the main increase in passenger traffic only by autumn. “Unless there is a sharp increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus and dying because of it in the coming months, then the likelihood of canceling the Thailand Pass in June or July is quite high,” he concluded.

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