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Ten leading Chinese symphony orchestras play for those on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19

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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Greater Asia" (Issue 105):

  • China's GDP grew nearly 5 percent in the first quarter of this year
  • Shanghai auto industry prepares to reopen after shutdown due to coronavirus pandemic
  • Chinese rescuers launch wildfire prevention campaign
  • China is preparing to host an international exhibition of imported goods 
  • China Media Corporation broadcast a concert dedicated to the fighters against COVID-19
  • The first National Botanical Garden opens in Beijing
  • Thousands Canton Fair exhibitors showcased their products online
  • Love for pandas has united scientists from all over the world

  • In the first quarter of this year, China's GDP grew by almost 5 percent 

    The Chinese economy will grow and develop this year despite global challenges. This was stated by the State Statistical Office of the People's Republic of China. The data showed China's GDP rose 4.8% year on year to 27 trillion yuan in the first three months of this year.

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    For comparison, in the last quarter of last year, GDP growth was 4%. Positive trends are noted despite the unstable situation in the world and outbreaks of COVID-19 within the country.

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    Fu Linghui, China National Bureau of Statistics Spokesperson:

    “Despite the current pressure, China is still in a favorable environment to maintain sustainable economic growth throughout the year. First, consumption is expected to recover. Secondly, the share of investments will grow. Thirdly, we plan to modernize the industry. And the transition to a green economy will also play its role, which will become a real driving force. And finally, our macroeconomic policy is consistently effective.”

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    Fu Linghui emphasized that China is self-confident and able to overcome all difficulties. The country's economy has shown stability and continues to recover, as China was able to coordinate the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and socio-economic development.

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    The Shanghai auto industry is preparing to resume work after a shutdown due to coronavirus pandemic

    Shanghai-based SAIC Motor, the country's largest car manufacturer and exporter, is preparing to resume operations amid a new wave of COVID-19 in the metropolis. In order for employees to return to their places, factories must undergo thorough disinfection. 

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    SAIC Motor plant employee:

    “More than 10 rounds of PCR testing are behind us. We are required to wear masks in the office and on the production line, and to reduce unnecessary movement around the work area.”

    KP-105 06.jpg

    period of the coronavirus outbreak. More than 4,000 employees took part in the endurance test. It covered the factory floors and logistics departments of the car company. Not only individual risk factors were taken into account, but also combinations of various events. Experts have developed several scenarios in case of infection among personnel, failures in logistics and lack of raw materials. 

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    Chen Peifeng, Director of Original Equipment Production, SAIC Motor Factory:< /b>

    “We communicate with all of our suppliers. Finding out if they have managed to achieve zero infection, what alternatives they have, other than closed-loop production, when workers are completely isolated from the outside world.

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    Stress testing of the main automotive production Shanghai went according to a carefully calibrated plan. It was revised several times, and then, with a double focus on the prevention of the coronavirus epidemic, it was approved by the city authorities.

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    Chinese rescuers launch campaign to prevent forest fires< br>
    Fire departments across China are educating the public about the dangers of burning weeds. Traditionally, this method of cleaning the land is practiced by the inhabitants of Gansu province during the spring plowing season, when the weather is dry. Here, rescuers patrol agricultural and natural areas to stop dangerous activities.

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    Instead of starting fires in forest and arable areas on their own, firefighters recommend contacting their service. Rescuers themselves will carry out planned arson - as efficiently and safely as possible for the environment. A series of such works have already been carried out in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

    KP-105 11.jpg

    Peng Guohua, Head of Forest Fire Brigade, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region:< br>
    “We have completed the planned burning of weeds on the south bank of the Ili River in Xinjiang. In total, 150 hectares of weeds burned down. The length of the fireproof insulating belt was more than 10 kilometers, which significantly reduced the risk of an uncontrolled fire.”

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    In Yunnan's Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, firefighters are actively cooperating with nature park personnel to clean the mountain slopes from combustible humus. During the winter, the humus layer reached 23 centimeters.

    KP-105 13.jpg

    Wang Nan, Natural Area Fire Brigade Instructor, Yunnan Province: 

    “During the inspection, we found a number of places with a high fire hazard. In six zones, we have already carried out cleaning and eliminated the possibility of a fire. Next, we will continue to study and classify sites by risk level.”

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    Meanwhile, in Heilongjiang province, rescuers have deployed new large-sized fire-fighting equipment and are practicing what to do in the event of a sudden forest fire.

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    Shanghai prepares for the China International Import Trade Fair

    From November 5 to 10, Shanghai will host the China International Import Trade Fair. Preparations for it are in full swing - already today the exhibitors have booked more than 70% of the exhibition space.

    KP-105 17.jpg

    The organizers have published a list of expected requests from importers: almost 200 items from 35 categories from all six exhibition areas. The main buyer companies are state-owned enterprises, the National Health Commission, and trading companies from Beijing and Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Gansu provinces.

    KP-105 18.jpg

    An artificial intelligence zone will be created at EXPO. This thematic section will be a platform for overseas enterprises to bring their products to the Chinese market. Products in the field of cloud computing, algorithm modeling and platform building will be presented at the site of 5000 square meters.

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    China EXPO is the world's first specialized exhibition of imported goods. This autumn the event will be held for the fifth time.

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    China Media Corporation broadcast a concert dedicated to COVID-19 fighters

    Media Corporation China, China's largest media holding, has brought together ten of the country's leading symphony orchestras to hold an online concert for those on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

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    The musicians performed touching compositions in various genres. And this was a sincere expression of gratitude, best wishes and warm greetings to the selfless medical staff, volunteers and all those involved in the fight against the insidious virus. The concert was shown live on the China Media Corporation official app, and today it can be seen on the CCTV-15 music channel. 

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    In Beijing First National Botanical Garden opens

    The first National Botanical Garden opens in China's capital, which will play an important role in the conservation of endangered plant species.

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    Heh Ran, Executive Director of the National Botanical Garden:

    “This is one of the steps taken by our country to achieve harmony between man and nature, strengthen the protection of bioresources and implement the Convention on Biological diversity."

    KP-10 5 45.jpg

    China creates a national system for the conservation of rare plant species reserves (in which green crops remain in their natural environment), and the national system of botanical gardens, the purpose of which is to preserve the diversity of species outside their natural habitats. Today, about 200 such gardens have been created in the country, where 60 percent of plant species are under national protection.

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    Zhou Zhihua, Deputy Director of the Wildlife Conservation Department of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration:< /i>

    "Reserves and botanical gardens are indispensable and complementary links in China's holistic biodiversity conservation system."

    KP-105 46.jpg

    Botanical Garden Square almost 600 hectares were created at the expense of the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Botanical Garden.

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    Thousands of Canton Fair exhibitors showcase their products online

    China Import and Export Goods Fair, also known as Canton Fair, due to the pandemic this year is online. Exhibitors attract buyers with the help of online broadcasts, in which they talk not only about the products themselves, but also about the production process and even about the territory where the workshops and factories of the companies are located. With the help of video communication, the parties can agree on all the necessary characteristics of the product, including the design.

    KP-105 36.jpg

    Lin Huayou, head of the exhibiting company:

    “Today, many foreign enterprises attach great importance to innovation and product design, which is developed specifically for each customer. We also manufacture our bathroom products according to individual requirements. I believe that this approach can bring us many new customers and new orders at the Canton Fair.

    KP-105 38.jpg

    A company from Shandong Province has built a pavilion that shows smart home appliances live. Employees of the enterprise walk around the hall, communicate with online visitors, and show how their products work.

    KP-105 37.jpg

    Zhang Qingfu, head of a household appliance company:< /b>

    "Canton Fair gives us the opportunity to exchange information with customers from all over the world, showcase various smart home solutions."

    KP-105 42.jpg

    To interest buyers, companies pay attention to the design of their exhibition stands. One of the exhibitors used a scenery in the form of a landscape, which looks good on the clothes he sells. According to the designers' idea, the unusual background should also draw attention to environmental issues.

    KP-105 39.jpg

    Huang Yutong, designer:

    “We made the curtain from materials that were left after production. The yellow part symbolizes the earth, the green part symbolizes vegetation, and the blue part symbolizes the sea.”

    KP-105 43.jpg

    More than 25 thousand companies from all over the world take part in the Canton Fair. Since 1957, the Canton Fair has been held every spring and autumn and has made a significant contribution to the promotion of international trade, as well as to the economic development of nations in general. 

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    Love for pandas united scientists from all over the world

    Panda Mei Lan was born in 2006 in the United States of America. Due to her calm nature and elegant movements, she was considered a female, but upon the return of the animal to China, at the Center for the Study and Breeding of Giant Pandas in Chengdu, it turned out that Mei Lang is a male.

    KP-105 28.jpg

    Now he has 15 children, most of whom have already become Internet celebrities. He Hua (translated as "lotus flower") for two years. She has short legs, fluffy hair and a round muzzle. But the teddy bear deserved the love of fans not only for its cute appearance, but also for persistence in achieving goals.

    KP-105 31.jpg

    A visitor to the Chengdu Giant Panda Research and Breeding Center:

    “He Hua developed more slowly than other pandas. Others were already climbing trees, but she could only walk on the ground. But He Hua did not give up, kept trying and finally climbed to the top of the tree.”

    KP-105 32.jpg

    Love for pandas united experts from all over the world. In Chengdu, a conference dedicated to giant pandas is held annually. But due to the pandemic, the event has recently been moved online.

    KP-105 33.jpg

    Liu Songrui, Junior Researcher, Chengdu Giant Panda Research and Breeding Center:

    “We partner with international organizations that work on endangered wildlife diseases, panda recognizers, panda sperm banks and more.”
    < br> KP-105 34.jpg< br>
    Since its founding in 1987, the research base in Chengdu has been conducting research in the field of giant panda breeding, genetics, disease prevention and control of these animals. How many online and offline centers for promoting the science of giant pandas.

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