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Teenagers from eight countries in the Asian region will sing "Out loud"

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The international music competition "Out loud" - the first television project that brought together teams from different countries, will be held online for the first time. & nbsp;

Participants from each country will get in touch via teleconference and perform their songs.

“Any dream should come true! If children have the opportunity to sing, make music, try their hand and learn new things - please go to this dream, do not stop! I am very excited to join this new project and look forward to meeting the members and mentors!” - said the new host of the project Dilya Dolinskaya.

This season for the first time will be attended by teams of teenagers from 10 countries - more than five thousand applications from all over the world have been submitted to the competition. According to a long tradition, Mark Tishman, Azerbaijan - Emil Kadyrov, Armenia - Margarita Pozoyan, Tajikistan - Zafar Abdualimov< /b>, and Israel - Vladi Blaiberg. There have been changes in the composition of other teams. The team of Germany will be headed by Hellas, Kazakhstan - Zhanar Dugalova, Uzbekistan - Sogdiana, Moldova - Maxim Zavidia. For the first time, a team from Kyrgyzstan takes part in the competition under the mentorship of Zhyldyz Osmonalieva.

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The age of the contestants is from 12 to 17 years. They will present their national song culture, as well as perform modern songs in Russian. The competition will be broadcast on the Mir 24 TV channel. Due to the fact that this year the competition will be held in an online format, each team gets in touch via teleconference in their own country. Thus, from Alma-Ata, the competition is broadcast by the 31st channel of Kazakhstan, and in Israel this task is performed by the 9th channel. 

“Every year we expand our borders, new countries join us, and we are glad to see them. This is a great experience of creative international exchange. All our guest star jury members note every year how simple and natural this project is, on the one hand, and on the other hand, how musical, musical it is, and how important the individuality of each teenager participant is for us” & nbsp; - said Lina Arifulina, general producer of the project.

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“I perceive the competition “Out loud” not so much as a show, but as an intensive training, a master class for the guys. We work with participants at an age when they stop being children and already become teenagers, begin to feel for themselves as a person, begin to grow up and understand what kind of music and repertoire is closer to them, who they are on stage. The stage is always like a magnifying glass, others see you better, and you yourself can look at yourself from the outside. In these conditions, a person is focused on the process, on his profession, in the classroom. Our task is to give the experience of self-knowledge. Participants get professional experience - music, performing, learn to work in front of cameras and on the big stage,” said Mark Tishman, mentor of the Russian team.

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evenings dedicated to the work of Evgeny KrylatovandRodion Gazmanov. Also, in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, military songs will be performed on one of the competitive evenings, which will be performed by contestants from different countries. On this day, a musician, composer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Sklyar will be an invited member of the jury.

grants, the organizers of the competition are the Regional Charitable Public Foundation "Children Help Children" and the Federal Agency "Rossotrudnichestvo".  

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