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Tasting of exotic fruits will be held in Omsk

15.03.2019 191 просмотров

Citizens will be able to taste candied fruit, dogwood, Brazil nuts, macadamia and much more for free.

An unusual event will take place tomorrow at the Central Market of Omsk. Visitors will also be treated to pistachios, cashews, almonds, apricot pits, pumpkin seeds, prunes, pears, cranberries and bananas.

National Uzbek breakfast
presented in Tashkent
Except In addition, the townspeople will be told interesting facts about exotic fruits. Culinary lovers will be able to learn recipes for Lent. Tomorrow's action is timed to it, said Alexander Algazin, general director of Municipal Markets.

The mayor's office reminded that traditional provincial fairs will be held on Saturday. 150 farmers will present dairy products, poultry meat, eggs, butter and vegetables at the Central, Leninsky and Levoberezhny markets.

Previously, Big Asia reported that "chocolate" festival was held in Orenburg. The gastronomic holiday was called "Dishes that unite nations".

Tea ceremonies and large-scale chocolate tasting took place in the city. Sweets with all sorts of fillings were brought by confectioners from different countries.

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