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Tashkent hosts the Days of Moscow. Photo report of "Greater Asia"

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On October 18-22, Tashkent hosts the First Russian-Uzbek Forum of Interregional Cooperation and the Days of Moscow in Uzbekistan.

As part of the business program - the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Government of Moscow and the Khokimiyat of the city of Tashkent for 2018-2020 with the aim of developing bilateral cooperation between the capitals, as well as deepening friendship and mutual understanding between the inhabitants of the two cities.

As part of a cultural project - performance of the cadet corps, opening of the exhibition-presentation of the Moscow Zoo, presentation of Russian cuisine and products, official reception on behalf of the Government of Moscow in the Turkiston concert hall.

The Moscow delegation is headed by the head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations Sergey Cheryomin. The delegation includes Alexander Lebedev, General Director of the Big Asia TV channel and the website. 

A film crew of the Big Asia TV channel is working to cover events in Tashkent.

Earlier with the state President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited Uzbekistan. 

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