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The International Army Games ARMI-2017 opened with the most spectacular type of military competition - tank biathlon. It runs from July 29 to August 12 at the Alabino training ground near Moscow.

19 teams from various countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe participate. 55 tank crews compete, three from each country. One crew from Uganda.

On the first day of individual race crews from Uganda, Tajikistan, Angola, Laos, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Mongolia and China met. By the way, the teams of Laos and Uganda are participating in international tank competitions for the first time.

The first stage didn bring no surprises. Debutants in the & nbsp; leaders did not come out. However, the tankers of Laos showed very good marksmanship, in their subgroup they hit the most targets. The first, predictably, were the Chinese. They completed the course in 19 minutes 36 seconds.

Teams compete on T-72B3 tanks provided by the Russian Armed Forces. However, the regulations allow the use of their cars. The Belarusians, the Indians and the Chinese took advantage of this.

The tankers from the PRC prepared their Type-96B car in the same way as, probably, race cars are prepared for the Formula 1. The mass of the tank is lightened, and the engine, on the contrary, is boosted to 1200 hp. Installed the latest fire control system. And although the T-96V has always shown excellent dynamic qualities, the Chinese have not yet been able to win. Maybe this year they will climb the podium — the start was convincing.

The Indians are performing on T-90С Bhishma. These are Russian T-90S produced under license in India. On their tanks — The T-72BME is also a team from Belarus.

Tankers of NATO countries might want to test their professional training at a training ground in Alabino, but the current political situation can do it  ;allows. Since 2016, the Strong Europe Tank Challenge has been held in Western Europe. Crews from six countries competed this year: Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and the USA. The Austrians won.

In unlike tank biathlon, NATO games were held in semi-closed mode. Neither competition regulations nor results by stages were made public. According to what was leaked to the press, we can say: by the complexity of the tasks performed and the intensity of passions up to what is happening in Alabino, to to to to the Ukrainians in the plus as to the moon.

According to the results of two days of competition, Russian tankers — 19 minutes 10 seconds.

Alabino will also host competition of military chefs — "Field kitchen". The most "delicious" and peace-loving in all types of competitions of the games of the Army Games-2017. Sergei Shoigu tasted the dishes prepared on the eve of the competition, and highly appreciated their quality. By the way, the military culinary specialists of the armies of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Israel, Mongolia, Russia and Serbia with pleasure and treat everyone who comes to their kitchen  Alabino, Russian military chefs will cook about 2.5 thousand. portions of buckwheat porridge with meat and bake army bread. The opening of the competition itself will take place on 1 August, Day of Logistics of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

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