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"Tactical Shooter", Beijing Film Festival, preparation for space launch – watch "Chinese Panorama"-256

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Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 256):

  • PLA servicemen take part in the "Tactical Shooter" competition
  • The PLA aviation brigade conducted exercises on conducting combat operations in the air
  • A new rail freight route connected the cities of Eastern China with Central Asia
  • The 12th Beijing International Film Festival has started in China
  • Shenzhou-14 cosmonauts are preparing to go into outer space

PLA servicemen take part in the "Tactical Shooter" competition

A team of PLA servicemen shows their skills in Kazakhstan. There is a competition of the Army international games "Tactical Shooter". Chinese military pros are focused on winning: last year they became the second, and therefore, before going to these competitions, the servicemen analyzed their previous experience, introduced innovative training methods and conducted a lot of training in various scenarios.

Gao Feng, Head of the PLA Tactical Shooting team at the Army International Games:
"In preparation, we paid equal attention to basic and intensive training, made scientifically sound plans. In addition, we have comprehensively improved the ability of team members to withstand psychological pressure, ensuring proper preparation for competitions abroad."

Xie Jin, a member of the PLA tactical shooting team at the Army International Games:
"This competition is very useful, it tests the situational awareness of the shooter and his ability to fire unplanned. The group competition environment also requires high coordination and cooperation, so we need to constantly interact with each other."

The Army International Games will last until August 27. The event, which is held jointly by 12 countries, including China and Russia, will be attended by more than 270 teams of military personnel from 37 countries and regions.

The PLA aviation brigade conducted exercises on conducting combat operations in the air

The aviation brigade of the Air Force of the People's Liberation Army of China organized air combat exercises in the southeast of the country. The servicemen were divided into two conditional sides: red and blue. They started training without knowing each other's conditions and tactics. The leading aircraft of the red side, under the cover of its wingman, took the initiative in the attack, but missed the chance to take an advantageous position – after the blue side shot off false targets and began a retaliatory maneuver.

Ren Zhen, pilot of the PLA Air Force Aviation Brigade:
"Hitting an opponent in the air is like throwing a basketball into a moving net. This requires taking into account shooting conditions, ammunition characteristics, determining the position of the enemy fighter."

The red side remained calm after the first attack was thwarted, and took advantage of another opportunity to take an advantageous position, exerting psychological pressure on the blue side.

Han Wenxi, Head of the Flight Training Department of the PLA Air Force Aviation Brigade:
"We do not restrict the airspace, do not indicate the positions of aircraft, the direction of attack and defense tactics. But we ensure the safety of all participants. Therefore, pilots can apply flexible combat tactics in accordance with the air conditions and mission requirements. This is how training approaches the conditions of real combat operations."

The military personnel note that the situation in air combat can constantly change. And they are convinced that the initiative can be taken into their own hands by someone who knows how to make timely decisions and coordinate actions.

A new rail freight route connected the cities of Eastern China with Central Asia

Goods from Jiangsu Province will now be delivered to Central Asian countries via a new route of the China–Europe logistics network. In the first cargo train, 100 containers with goods worth 30 million yuan were sent from Wuxi station. They contain polyester chips, household appliances and auto parts. The cargo will pass through the Lianyungang City District of Jiangsu Province and will go to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Yan Ruishia, employee of Sanfame group:
"This train carries 50 cargo containers of our company. Previously, we had to travel a long way, reloading goods in different cities before they left China. Launching freight trains from Wuxi will significantly save transportation time and transportation costs."

Zhu Ping, employee of Wuxi West Railway Station Logistics Park:
"China–Europe freight trains are an alternative to sea and air transportation. The new route will help foreign trade enterprises to transport their goods more freely. Customers have already shown interest in the new flight."

Compared to sea transportation, transportation by train reduces the time of goods on the way by at least 20 days. And the cost of such transportation is 50% cheaper than air delivery.

The 12th Beijing International Film Festival has started in China

The 12th Beijing International Film Festival opened in the capital of China under the slogan "United, we move forward". This year, 16 paintings are competing for 10 nominations of the Tiantan Festival Award. The winners will be announced on August 20 at the closing ceremony. More than 100 sessions of competitive films can be seen in 18 cinemas of the capital of the People's Republic of China.

Cui Yan, member of the Organizing Committee of the Beijing International Film Festival:
"A couple of days ago, when the sale of tickets for the festival film screenings began, we received complaints, they say, it's not easy to buy even one ticket. This shows that our film industry has gained momentum after a long lull and is full of life."

In addition to the competition part, the festival will also include film screenings, a festival of student works and several thematic forums.

Shenzhou-14 cosmonauts are preparing to go into outer space

For more than 70 days, the crew members of the Shenzhou-14 mission have been in orbit. They regularly perform physical exercises, carry out work on the space station, and in the coming days will make a spacewalk. The Taikonauts will leave the ship through the airlock compartment of the laboratory module "Wentian". This is the largest spacecraft launched by China. The module is equipped with three important elements: an airlock for going into space, a small robotic arm and flexible solar wings for collecting energy.

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