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Swifts will fly to Barnaul

26.02.2020 60 просмотров

The aerobatic team will take part in the show in honor of the city's 290th birthday.

Air aces already congratulated the capital of Altai five years ago, reminds the local administration. 

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events are scheduled for September, but the festive program will last all year. When exactly the townspeople will see the elements of aerobatics is not specified. 

Barnaul will celebrate 290 years since its founding this year. There will be creative competitions, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, sports competitions and much more.

Swifts is an aerobatics team of the Russian Air Force. It was formed on May 6, 1991 on the basis of the 234th Guards Proskurov Air Regiment from the best pilots of the Kubinka air base near Moscow. 

Swifts perform group and single aerobatics on multipurpose highly maneuverable MiG-29 fighters.

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