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Surface metro to appear in Tbilisi

31.10.2018 158 просмотров

According to the mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze, construction will begin in 2019 and will last two to three years.

It is assumed that the new line will stretch from the Samgori station to the Lilo market. During the construction, the infrastructure of the bypass railway will be used, Sputnik-Georgia reports. The project is being implemented as part of the Green Policy - Ecotransport initiative. 
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According to the mayor, the new metro line will be completely independent. A new ground station Samgori will be built, which will be connected to the existing one. In total, seven stations will appear on the new line, which at the first stage will serve six trains. Kakha Kaladze specified that at first the waiting time on the platform will be about 10 minutes. Then, as trains are added to the route, it will shrink. According to the mayor's estimates, the passenger traffic on the new route will be about 150,000 people per day. 

At present, the documentation for the tender for construction, which will be announced at the end of November, is being prepared. Next year, it is planned to develop an agreed construction project, which should begin in the second half of 2019. Kakha Kaladze specified that companies that have international experience in implementing such projects can take part in the tender. 

Now the Tbilisi metro consists of two branches, on which there are 23 stations. The total length of the Georgian metro lines is approximately 57 kilometers.

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