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Strict control over all visitors from China introduced in the Amur Region

04.02.2020 116 просмотров

In the region of Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, doctors are on duty around the clock at Russian-Chinese border checkpoints.

The cordon sanitaire has been strengthened due to the threat of the spread of the coronavirus, which is also known as viral pneumonia.

People pass through the control in an organized manner, and there is no crowding or excessive unrest at the border. The control functions normally.

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"On the 27th we didn't know that the border would be closed. But the money was there. China.

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Her words are confirmed by a tourist named Denis: "Everything is calm. Hysteria is in vain. The Chinese do everything in an organized manner - they have a lot of experience. They do it all well. Well, inconvenience, of course: something closed"… 

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Meanwhile, in the administration of Amu The Russian region reported that all passengers must be examined by an infectious disease specialist, but so far not a single case of infection has been identified. Schools in the region have asked parents to wear masks on their children. In city pharmacies, that product quickly ended. Unscheduled deliveries from other regions of the country are now being organized.

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