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Special devices to control the spread of coronavirus may appear in Malaysia

22.11.2020 164 просмотров

Malaysia wants to require foreign workers to wear special bracelets during the pandemic.

The Malaysian authorities intend to require all foreign workers to wear bracelets with identification numbers at all times to control the spread of coronavirus. The Star newspaper writes about this on Friday.

"Such a proposal was submitted to the consideration of the national security council," Senior Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Yacob was quoted as saying. “We cannot control the situation when they leave their dormitories, visit markets, food courts, which can lead to new outbreaks of the virus,” the official said. “But by requiring South Asian workers to wear such bracelets, we will be able to bring the situation under control,” said the senior minister.

At present, wearing of special bracelets is required only from those in home quarantine, including after returning from abroad.

Su Tian Lai, president of the country's largest Federation of Industrialists, Malaysia, criticized the government's plans, saying it was "inadmissible to stigmatize foreign workers." “The coronavirus does not choose its victims based on nationality, religion or citizenship,” he said.

In the last two months, a sharp surge in new infections has been recorded in the country. If back in August, on average, about 10 cases were registered per day, then now this figure reaches an average of 1,000. Several major sources of the virus have been found in dormitories where foreign workers live.

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