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South Korean high school students vaccinated against coronavirus

18.08.2021 163 просмотров

South Korean students are protected from the coronavirus. The authorities have vaccinated high school students and their teachers in order to protect graduates in the entrance exams to universities, which will be held in November. & nbsp;

About 600,000 people have been vaccinated. 

“I'm glad I can get vaccinated. Many of my friends have also been vaccinated. I hope that there will be no side effects,” said high school student Jung Eun-soo.

Republic of Korea High School Students Vaccination 3.jpg

“Now I feel like I can focus on my studies instead of worrying about the coronavirus!” said high school student Lee Gwang-Woo after vaccination.

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Vaccination of high school students was carried out with the consent of their parents - a two-component preparation Pfizer. After the injection - mandatory half an hour under the supervision of doctors and exemption from physical activity for a week. Teachers who have also been vaccinated against the coronavirus say that students have always been keen to comply with anti-COVID measures and have been enthusiastic about the opportunity to get vaccinated. 

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