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South Korean authorities urge residents to get vaccinated against coronavirus

04.09.2021 92 просмотров

The South Korean authorities have stepped up the campaign for mass vaccination against coronavirus. Residents aged 18 to 49 are encouraged to get vaccinated. 

The public reacted positively to this opportunity - for some time there were serious interruptions in the supply of foreign drugs in the country, and it was difficult to vaccinate if desired.

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b>Lee Min Sung. “Now I have been vaccinated and I hope that university classes will be returned for those who have been vaccinated.”

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return home by 10 pm. But now I've been vaccinated, and it seems to me that life will become a little easier,” says Seoul resident Hong Soo-yeon.

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Back in February, the country's leadership has set a goal of 70% of the population receiving at least one dose of the drug for COVID-19 by November. Today there are 53% of them. Fully vaccinated - 26% of South Korean citizens. 

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