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South Korea plans to lift most of the covid restrictions

15.04.2022 69 просмотров

Officially, this decision will be announced on April 15.

The Republic of Korea may next week lift most of the restrictions in place in the country over the past two years since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. As the KBC TV channel reported on Thursday, this decision will be officially announced on April 15 by the central headquarters for combating natural disasters, emergencies and catastrophes.

lifting of the quarantine regime. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Song Young-nae, said that the possibility of lifting restrictions on the opening hours of establishments, the number of participants in personal meetings and the abolition of the mask regime outside closed premises is being considered.

In April, the rate of spread of infection show a distinct decline, the expert noted. Referring to the data on the number of those who have been ill and vaccinated, he noted that herd immunity to covid has already been formed in South Korea. . This is 46 thousand less than the day before. This figure was less than 200 thousand for the first time since April 3. The total number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic has approached 16 million people.

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