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South Korea plans to export locally produced Sputnik Light

16.09.2021 106 просмотров

South Korea plans to export 10 million doses of the Sputnik Light vaccine, which is produced by a local consortium. 

The management company GL Rapha expects to receive export approval from the Russian Direct Investment Fund as early as this month. Wang Jae Gang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GL Rapha.

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A South Korean consortium has been producing Sputnik V and Sputnik Light vaccines since May of this year. Initially, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and GL Rapha agreed to manufacture 650 million doses per year, but the consortium has already exceeded this figure due to subsidiaries.

“We stopped all other production after the contract for the manufacture of Russian vaccines,”
b>Wang Zhe Gang. - We have stopped all research and development, as well as the introduction of current and planned products at the Chuncheon plant. We have invested all our resources in the production of Sputnik.

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The Russian Direct Investment Fund will decide where exactly the Sputnik Light vaccine shipments will be sent. The South Korean consortium believes that these will be countries that have already reported delays in the supply of necessary drugs.

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