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South Korea 'divides' social distancing regime into five levels

02.11.2020 39 просмотров

South Korea has adopted a new, five-level social distancing scheme.

The Government of the Republic of Korea has decided to amend the current three-level social distancing scheme by adding two additional levels to to more effectively counter the coronavirus pandemic. The new scheme was unveiled by Prime Minister Chung Se-kyun, broadcaster KBS reported on Monday.

The new gradation consists of levels 1; 1.5; 2; 2.5 and 3. Upgrade decisions will be subject to more stringent criteria, and decisions by region will be made on a case-by-case basis. The new scheme will come into effect on November 7th.

For the first level of social distancing, the daily increase in the incidence in the capital region during the week should not exceed 100, and in other regions -30 cases. Level 1.5 is introduced if the average daily increase in incidence in the capital region exceeds 100, without reaching 200 cases, and in other regions - 10-30 cases. The second level is introduced if the        Level 2.5 begins to operate in the case of a daily increase in the incidence of more than 400 cases, and the third level - more than 800 cases.

All public facilities are divided into nine types of "priority" and 14 types of "normal". Priority facilities include, in particular, bars, clubs, karaoke, concert halls, restaurants and cafes. Common facilities include internet cafes, wedding halls, funeral homes, movie theaters. The wearing of masks is mandatory in all public places at all levels of social distancing.

South Korea's current three-tier social distancing system has been criticized for lack of flexibility. When the coronavirus outbreak hit Seoul in mid-August, the authorities had to introduce an officially absent intermediate level of 2.5. During this period, all schools, universities and churches switched to online mode, entertainment establishments closed. The third level, which provides for a total lockdown, was not introduced due to fears of serious consequences for the region's economy.

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