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Employees of the Rosgvardiya in the Moscow region rescued a drowning teenager

09.02.2023 Пресс-служба Центрального округа войск Росгвардии 54 просмотров

Employees of the Dubna department of extra-departmental security of the Main Directorate of the Rosgvardiya in the Moscow region rescued a teenager who fell from a bridge into the Volga River.

While patrolling the territory of the city district, police Ensign Dmitry Bakin and senior police sergeant Mikhail Malyshev noticed a young man waving at them and pointing towards the bridge. The guards stopped to find out if a passerby needed help. The young man told law enforcement that he noticed a teenager falling from a bridge into the river. Promptly reacting, the guards pulled the teenager out of the icy water to the shore and gave him first aid.

The guards took the boy to a medical facility, his life and health are not in danger.

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