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Solar energy came to the village of Markovo in Chukotka

04.03.2022 245 просмотров

In Chukotka, an alternative energy source was equipped, powered by solar panels.

new alternative energy source powered by solar panels has appeared in the village of Markovo in Chukotka. This will allow reducing tariffs for the population, Roman Kopin, Governor of Chukotka, told TASS.

“The issue of energy supply is of key importance for the development of the region. energy balance. This is necessary both for minimal environmental impact and for sustainable development in modern conditions. In the Anadyr region, diesel-solar power plants were installed in Markovo, earlier in the villages of Konchalan and Snezhnoye. In addition to reducing emissions, there is also an economic effect: it is necessary to import less fuel, which can positively affect the final tariff for the population, - said Roman Kopin.

Hevel Energoservice is planning to implement a solar energy project in settlements district - installation of stations in the villages of Lamutskoye, Chuvanskoye, Omolon.Currently, the company is evaluating the economic feasibility of construction and wind-diesel installations in nine settlements of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. According to preliminary estimates, their total capacity will be about 2.56 MW, diesel fuel savings in the first year will be about 2 thousand tons.

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