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Sochi and Dubai are named the most popular destinations among Russians

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Russians most often plan to fly on school holidays to Sochi and Dubai.

Sochi has become the most popular destination for flights within the Russian Federation for Russian families with children for the upcoming spring holidays, and Dubai is among the foreign destinations. This is stated in the results of a study of the OneTwoTrip service, which are available to TASS.

"Sochi has become the most popular destination for children's holidays: 29.5% of all air orders have been issued there.
Most families with children will go abroad to Dubai: 27.3% of foreign airbases are in the largest city of the UAE," experts said.

Experts analyzed airline and hotel bookings for the period from March 24 to April 2, 2023. According to the service, flights to St. Petersburg (21% of all bookings), Moscow (13.1%), Kaliningrad (11.4%) and Caucasian Mineral Waters (9.1%) are also very popular in Russia. The list of popular destinations also includes Makhachkala, Kazan, Novokuznetsk, Irkutsk and Ufa. Among the foreign destinations in addition to Dubai, the Seychelles Mahe Island is the leader (10.9% of all air ticket bookings abroad), Istanbul (9.1%), the capital of the Maldives Male (7.3%) and Tashkent (3.6%).

According to OneTwoTrip, a quarter of all hotel bookings — 25.3% — for the spring break period are in Moscow. Also, Russian travelers with children booked hotels in the suburbs of Sochi — the village of Esto-Sadok (18.5%), St. Petersburg (18.3%), Sochi (15.5%) and Irkutsk (4.2%). The top 10 popular destinations also included Kazan, Kaliningrad, Surgut, Sheregesh and Petrozavodsk. Abroad during the spring break, most hotel bookings with accommodation with children are made on Phuket ― 30.8%, as well as in Istanbul (17.2%), Barcelona (3.5%), Seoul (3.4%) and Bali (3.3%).

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