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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 470):

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Watch the information and publicistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 470):
  • The UN predicts significant growth in China's economy this year   In the waters of Hainan Island, they are preparing for the development of new gas layers at an ultra-deepwater field
  • Box office receipts of Chinese cinemas exceeded 6 billion yuan during the week of holidays
  • Theater and concert halls of the Celestial Empire opened their doors to the audience

The UN predicts significant growth of China's economy this year In the coming year, China's GDP will grow by 4.8%, which is significantly higher than in Western countries.

This forecast is made in the UN report on the economic situation in the world and the prospects for its development. Global economic growth will slow to less than two percent in 2023, compared with three percent in 2022. The report notes that the recovery of business activity in China will support the global economy.

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Hamid Rashid, Head of the Global Economic Monitoring Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs: "Unlike other developing countries, China has a strong fiscal policy, as well as a tight monetary policy.
That is, from the point of view of budgetary and monetary measures, China has sustained support."

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The authors of the report note that last year the development of the global economy was held back by the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation in Ukraine, the food and energy crisis, as well as rising inflation, an increase in the debt burden and climate change. At the same time, the report makes a relatively optimistic forecast for next year – analysts expect global GDP growth to 2.7%.

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In the waters of Hainan Island, they are preparing for the development of new gas layers at an ultra-deepwater field

 "Deep Sea-1" is the first ultra—deepwater gas field, explored and developed exclusively by specialists from China. It is located offshore in the South China Sea, 150 kilometers from the city of Sanya on Hainan. 3 billion cubic meters of natural gas are produced there per year. The first phase of the field development was completed in the summer of 2021, the implementation of the second phase will begin in the near future.

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Dai Rui, Drilling Director of the second phase of the Deep Sea-1 project:   "In our work, we will use satellites in combination with sonar – this way we will more accurately determine the location of the drill bit.
The development of new formations will increase the total proven reserves of the field from one hundred billion cubic meters to one hundred and fifty."

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To implement the second phase of the Deep Sea-1 project, specialists need to overcome strong reservoir pressure and high temperatures up to 138 degrees Celsius. In China, such tasks will be solved for the first time. After the commissioning of the second phase, the volume of natural gas production at the field should grow from 3 billion cubic meters to 4.5.

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Box office receipts of Chinese cinemas for the holidays exceeded 6.5 billion yuan

Box office receipts in Chinese cinemas for the week of the New Year holidays exceeded 6.5 billion yuan. Such data is provided by the State Committee for Cinematography. After three years of covid restrictions, viewers finally got free access to the big screens.

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Xie Ye, Cinema Manager of the Chinese National Film Museum, Beijing:   "This year the box office of our cinema is almost twice as much as during the previous Spring festival.
The film market is experiencing an incredible revival. Seven domestic films are presented to the audience. It's pretty impressive."

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During the holidays, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire enjoyed Chinese-made films in various genres. There is a sci-fi film, a historical thriller, and a sports drama at the box office. The highest–grossing - blockbuster "Wandering Earth 2", "Full-flowing The Red River" by the famous director Zhang Yimou and the animation "Bears-neighbors: The Code of Keepers". To attract visitors, the Chinese National Film Museum has opened exhibitions that introduce viewers to this industry and its development in a new era.

Tong Panpan, spectator: "We had been planning to go to the cinema for a long time and decided to go to the exhibition after watching the film so that the children would know the history of the creation of films."

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Ma Yixiao, a young spectator: "Today we visited the studio where the shooting of the film is simulated.
We saw how rain and snow are made in the cinema, and some more subtleties of the filming process."

China's film industry has grown markedly over the past ten years. According to forecasts, the rapidly growing box office after the pandemic lull will allow the industry to become even stronger.

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Theater and concert halls of China have opened their doors to the audience

As anti-smoking restrictions have been eased, Chinese residents have begun to visit theater and concert halls more often. The light of the spotlights, the rustling of the wings, the energy of the stage... People have missed the magical atmosphere of live performances.

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Yang Shutsong, Deputy General Director of the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center: "Over the past three years there have been practically no "live" concerts and performances, and our business has suffered greatly.
We talked with colleagues from other theaters and came to the conclusion that this year our industry will be able to fully recover. We are already ready to launch several new shows at once."

In the most popular areas of the Chinese capital, small venues have also opened, where theatrical productions and movies are shown. The main audience is youth.

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Ren Tao, Deputy General Director of Mahua Fun Age Marketing Center: "Two years ago, we opened small cinemas in key shopping areas of several major cities.
They do not take up much space, only plus or minus 40 square meters. It was enough to accommodate everyone." Today, the offline events market is actively recovering and there are many more visitors.

To avoid pandemonium, small cultural venues posted the schedule of their performances and film screenings.

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