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"Smoky Thursday" celebrated in Cyprus

20.02.2020 130 просмотров

Tsiknopempti is being celebrated today on the island, and traditionally the inhabitants will fry meat before Lent.

The smell and smoke from barbecues usually spreads throughout Cyprus. The name "Tsiknopempti" consists of two Greek words - tsikna, which means "smell of burning" and Pempti - Thursday. 

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Note that meat will be cooked not only on city streets, but also in schools. After the lessons, under the supervision of teachers and parents, students will fry souvla and other meat dishes.

Tsiknopemti opens the program of the famous Limassol carnival. Traditionally, festive events will be held in many cities of the island.

So, in Nicosia, in the Old Town area, grandiose festivities and performances of local groups will take place. Live music and treats will be prepared for the residents of Limassol. A carnival party is planned. In Paphos, they are waiting for the solemn entry of King Iakovos Hadzhivasilis and Queen Arilena Constantine, accompanied by their retinue.

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