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Smart technologies will help in the care of the elderly

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Watch the China Panorama Outreach Program on the Greater Asia TV Channel (Issue 35):
  • Hangzhou begins 200-day countdown to the 19th Asian Games< /li>
  • China completes foundations for world's largest liquefied natural gas storage tanks
  • China uses smart technology to care for the elderly< /li>

Hangzhou begins countdown to 19th Asian Games< br>
Celebrations dedicated to the countdown to the 19th Asian Games have begun in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. There are less than 200 days left before the start of international competitions. The games will be held this fall - from 10 to 25 September. Preparations for them are almost complete: 50 sports facilities have been tested and are fully prepared for the competition, and the construction of seven more buildings should be completed by the end of March. 

KP- 35-01.jpg

reconstruct sports facilities, but also build transport and tourism infrastructure. Three new metro lines are fully opened. In total, 14 subway lines will serve the Games, the total length of the route is 516 kilometers. 


One of the main projects is the modernization of the Tianmushan mountain road. A breakthrough has been made here. Two tunnellers drilled a tunnel almost 2 kilometers long and 13.5 meters in diameter. The upgraded road will greatly expand Hangzhou's transport accessibility. The city will become a hub for fast travel over long distances. The organizers of the continental competitions also prepared leaflets for volunteers, issued postage stamps and presented the mascots of the Asian Games. They are three futuristic robots.


The Asian Games is a sports competition that has been held every four years among athletes from all over Asia since 1951. The competition is held under the auspices of the Olympic Council of Asia and is regulated by the International Olympic Committee.


China completes construction of the foundation of the world's largest storage tanks for liquefied natural gas

China National Offshore Petroleum Corporation has completed the pouring of foundations for six of the world's largest storage tanks for liquefied natural gas. The facilities are located in the eastern city of Yancheng.


The foundation of each tank is about 100 meters in diameter, and the total volume of the casting is almost 71,000 cubic meters - this is equivalent to the capacity of 30 standard Olympic pools.


Ren Jianxun, Deputy Head of Yancheng LNG Terminal Project Development Department:

standing in the winter, the design team developed technology to control the temperature and prevent cracking in massive concrete, as well as intelligently positioned temperature control sensors. The innovative technologies that we have implemented have made it possible to reduce the length of construction joints, effectively prevent cracks and improve the quality of construction.


Construction of a terminal in Yancheng with 10 large storage tanks for liquefied natural gas is a key project of China's natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing program and connection system.


Li Feng, Chief Project Manager of Yancheng LNG Terminal:< /i>

“Yancheng Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal is capable of not only receiving, storing and transmitting liquefied natural gas from outside, but also harnessing cold energy, generating electricity and producing hydrogen from natural gas. This is an integrated station for environmentally friendly energy supply.


Upon completion, the project will be turned into the country's largest LNG storage facility and is expected to be operational in December 2023.

China uses smart technology to care for the elderly

The State Council of China has published a plan for the development of the system of care for the elderly in the country, among the goals and tasks - improving medical services for the elderly, introducing innovations and an integrated approach to care. 


To achieve these goals, China uses the power of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and technology 5G. Many regions across China are developing their own elderly care industry, and some have already succeeded.


Shen, Dongtai Villager:

“Last September, I felt that something was wrong with my heart. I pressed the button and a few minutes later the neighbors, my son and doctors ran into the house. They saved me!”


The elderly care center displays real-time data on all the elderly residents of the village on multiple screens. Information is transmitted by "smart" household appliances, and the warning system can track gas leaks and water overflows. If necessary, the intelligent system will give a signal to the neighbors so that they can come to the rescue as soon as possible..


Liang Lifang, an employee of the Lingta Village Elderly Care Center:

“Whenever someone gives an alarm, five families living next to an elderly villager will know about it. They immediately run to help. This allows you to win five minutes - the most important for saving a person.”


The system is aimed at increasing the life expectancy of citizens. According to the latest census, less than 20% of the country's residents are over the age of 60. However, this is almost 5.5 percent more than in 2010.

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