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Syria has lifted anti-weed entry restrictions

17.10.2022 ТАСС 82 просмотров

In Syria, anti-smoking restrictions for persons entering the country have been lifted.

The Syrian authorities have decided to lift anti-smoking restrictions for persons entering the Arab Republic. This was reported on Monday by the Syrian state agency SANA.

According to him, "The Ministry of Health of the country decided to exempt all those entering Syria through land, air or sea border posts from passing a PCR test or [the need to provide] a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus of international standard."

It is noted that the agency has already given orders to the health departments to take the necessary measures to implement this decision.

According to the latest data released on Sunday by the Syrian Ministry of Health, a total of 57,334 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the country since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 54 thousand patients have recovered, 3,163 deaths have been recorded.

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