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Singing "under plywood" in nightclubs in Delhi banned

27.05.2018 79 просмотров

Starting next Monday, a ban on the use of recorded music will come into force in all entertainment establishments in the Indian capital.

This decision was made by the department, which is responsible for issuing licenses and controlling nightlife in the city. For the entertainment of the public, only live music can be used. If one of the owners refuses to comply with the decision of the city authorities, his “point” may be closed as violating the license agreement with the city. 

The reason for such a radical decision was the numerous complaints of residents that after during the working day they cannot rest because of the loud music and the noise coming from the clubs, cafes and restaurants. 

The Indian public took the decision ambiguously. When local journalists asked the head of the excise department of the capital, Amjat Tak, what is the difference between a recording and a live performance of a composition, he replied that musical works performed live always sound softer, and do not make the noise that comes from restaurants now. 

In addition, the official reminded that in 2010 an agreement was concluded between the city and nightclubs, which provided for a “live” performance of music, and not a playback of a phonogram. Some lawyers note that, in their opinion, the city authorities interpreted the agreement not quite correctly. But the law is the law. 

Since the nightly performance of artists is expensive, not every restaurant or club can afford it. Therefore, most likely, the owners will continue to entertain guests to the recordings of world hits. Only they will do it much quieter so as not to disturb public peace.

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