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Singapore to ban new car registrations until 2020

25.10.2017 139 просмотров

Singapore authorities will impose a ban on new car registrations from 2018 to 2020. This was reported on the website of the Singapore Transport Authority (LTA). At the same time, public transport will be developed in the country.

The LTA's announcement says that the authorities, in particular, will continue to invest in railway infrastructure.

From February 2018, a zero growth quota for the fleet of cars and motorcycles will be introduced. The situation will be reviewed in 2020 year. Now in Singapore, roads occupy 12% of the total territory of the country. The country provides for the growth of private transport in the amount of 0.25% per year. Restrictions allow the city to avoid traffic jams.

In 2014, a delegation from the Moscow Department of Transportation studied in Singapore the experience of dealing with traffic jams, but in the end refused the possibility of introducing paid entry into the city center to reduce street congestion.

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