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Singapore prepares for mass shipment of coronavirus vaccine

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Singapore Airport is ready to provide a special temperature regime for the vaccine.

Singapore intends to become a distribution center for the delivery of vaccines from the United States and Western European countries to the South Asian region. A US-made Pfizer vaccine is already being delivered to the city-state. 

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She is extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations. To preserve its properties, it is necessary to ensure a stable temperature at minus 70 degrees.

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Arman Abdul Malek, Singapore Airport Cold Storage Executive Director:

This temperature should not be maintained in the warehouse, but, as prescribed, inside the thermal packaging. 

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To do this, we have packaging containers that meet these requirements. from an arriving aircraft. 

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be promptly delivered to a cold warehouse, which maintains a constant temperature of minus 30 Celsius and below."

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Sam Gould , Singapore Airport Cargo Manager:

"Here is a typical thermal container designed to maintain a temperature of minus 80 degrees Celsius inside. This is the type of packaging we use in Singapore. The temperature is maintained stably for 3-5 days Well, if you need to maintain the temperature at minus 20 degrees, then the container will keep it for 9 days."

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Singapore Airport acquired the necessary thermal containers for the transportation and storage of the vaccine. It also became known that the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, promised a free coronavirus vaccination to all residents of the microstate, as well as foreigners with a long-term residence permit.

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