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Singapore office workers return to their jobs

28.09.2020 38 просмотров

Residents of Singapore were allowed to return to their offices after working remotely.

Starting Monday, the Singapore authorities have almost completely removed the requirements for remote work for employees of most companies and enterprises. As the Department of Human Resources said in a statement, "this is the largest ever lifting of restrictions on the workplace" that was introduced here more than five months ago amid the pandemic.

According to Education Minister Lawrence Vaughn, who co-chairs the intergovernmental group to combat the spread of coronavirus, “despite this (lifting restrictions —TASS note) ), managers must ensure the safety of employees, and also preserve the ability of them to work remotely. For example, according to him, part of the team can work in the first half of the day, the rest in the second. “Or  employees of companies can come to  office only for meetings,  - said the minister.

The authorities also allowed large gatherings and conferences from 28 September, but while maintaining the necessary social distance. “This only applies to business needs, any non-work activities are still prohibited,” said Lawrence Vaughn.

The first stage of lifting the socio-economic restrictions imposed here on April 7 began from 19 June. At that time, parks, beaches, most shops, restaurants and  cafes began to receive visitors again, and from 1 July the most popular museums, amusement parks, zoos, and also casinos were reopened.

According to the Ministry of Health, in the last two weeks, on average, only one new case of coronavirus infection has been recorded among the local population per day. The main increase is still provided by migrant workers living in isolated hostels, where they are being massively tested. In total, since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus in Singapore, more than 57.7 thousand cases have been detected. infected, 27 of whom died. As of today, 31 patients remain in hospitals.

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