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Schoolchildren of the Maiminsky district learned about weather research technologies

12.02.2023 Пресс-центр Катунского биосферного заповедника 65 просмотров

The topic of the next lesson in figures, organized by the Ministry of Finance of the Altai Republic last week for schoolchildren of the Maiminsky district, was technologies that allow predicting the weather.

The lesson was attended by the Ministers of Digital Development and Education, Science and Youth Development of the region, the head of the Maiminsky district, specialists of the regional Center for Hydrometeorology and the Katunsky Reserve.

Schoolchildren learned about the system of forming weather forecasts, the work of weather stations and CGMS in the Altai Republic. And Tatiana Yashina, Deputy director of the Katunsky Reserve for Scientific Work, said that it is possible to predict not only the "future" weather, but also to reconstruct the weather in the past – using the example of dendrochronological studies on the Katun ridge and drilling of a glacier on the Belukha plateau.

The purpose of such digital lessons, which are regularly held throughout the country, is to popularize digital professions and career guidance for schoolchildren.

The media resource "Greater Asia" is an official information partner Katun Biosphere Reserve.

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