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Shipwrecks from 14th and 18th century wrecks found in Singapore

17.06.2021 131 просмотров

A 14th-century ship with unique artifacts found off the coast of Singapore.

Researchers in Singapore have discovered in the coastal waters of the country the wreckage of two ships that sank around the 14th and 18th centuries. This is stated in a statement released on Wednesday by the department of archeology of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

Divers brought to the surface objects made of green glaze of Chinese ceramics - the so-called longquan celadon. Scientists believe that the found fragments of dishes were made during the reign of the Yuan dynasty in China (1271-1368). "We believe that many of the items are very rare, and there are even the only ones in their copy," - said the head of the Institute's marine archaeological research project Michael Flacker.

The scientists also studied the wreckage of the second ship , which, in their opinion, sank around 1796 on the way from China to India. This, in particular, is evidenced by the types of guns installed on the ship, as well as anchors. During underwater work, they also managed to find objects made of Chinese ceramics.

Representatives of the National Heritage Council reported that after all the necessary work has been carried out, including cleaning artifacts, putting them on record, they will be exhibited in national museums. This is expected to happen at the end of the year.

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