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Shenzhen enterprises resume normal operation

21.03.2022 89 просмотров

Also, the city authorities have restored the activity of public transport.

Authorities in Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong province, have reopened businesses and public transport since Monday after completing three rounds of testing for the local population for the coronavirus. This was reported by the Sina information portal.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, public transport and the metro were temporarily suspended in the city from March 14 to March 20, all public events were canceled, and local residents were advised not to leave the village without special need. All enterprises in the city, with the exception of those related to facilities and life support systems, were ordered to suspend work or transfer employees to a remote mode. Commercial facilities, with the exception of grocery stores and farmers' markets, pharmacies, medical facilities, and catering establishments, have also suspended their work.

Three rounds of testing of local residents for coronavirus were conducted in the city over the past week. The population of the city is 17.6 million people.

As Sina writes, since March 21, the work of public transport and the subway has been restored. Production activity, normal operation of enterprises has been resumed. The material notes that the epidemic situation in the city as a whole is under control. At the same time, the authorities will continue to take preventive measures and carry out selective control of enterprises in order to ensure the security of supply chains.

Currently, local outbreaks of coronavirus have been recorded in a number of regions in China. Most cases were detected in the provinces of Jilin (northeast of China), Guangdong (south), Shandong and Fujian (east), as well as in Shanghai. Over the past day, 33 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Shenzhen, as well as 11 asymptomatic carriers of the disease.

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