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Shanghai to conduct another mass coronavirus test

06.04.2022 132 просмотров

The population of Shanghai awaits new mass testing for covid, the lockdown remains.

The authorities of Shanghai, after analyzing data obtained as a result of testing the entire population of the metropolis for coronavirus on April 4, decided to maintain the current lockdown and conduct another mass testing of the entire city for COVID-19. Gu Honghui, head of the office of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group, announced this at a press conference on Wednesday.

On April 4, the entire population of the city was tested in Shanghai, samples were taken from more than than 25 million people. On April 5, authorities said more than 13,000 asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus and 268 confirmed symptomatic cases had been identified in the city, according to the results of processing most of the tests. On April 6, new statistics appeared - over 16.7 thousand new asymptomatic carriers and 311 confirmed cases with symptoms detected over the past day.

Based on these results, the authorities decided to start another round of testing on the entire city on April 6. At the same time, it will cover not only those residential complexes where cases of infection have already been detected, but also those that can be considered “clean” according to the results of previous checks.

Lockdown in Shanghai

Mass testing of the population for covid began in Shanghai in mid-March. It was accompanied by selective blocking of residential compounds in different parts of the city. One way or another, by the end of March, almost the entire population of Shanghai passed through two or three days, or even a week, of home quarantine.

Since March 28, the Shanghai government has moved to more stringent measures and quarantined, first, almost the entire eastern part cities, and from April 1 - the western one. Initially, the lockdown was to be lifted in the eastern part on April 1, and in the western part on April 5. The day before, the city government said that decisions to lift restrictions on certain areas will be made based on an analysis of data collected during testing of the entire city for covid, conducted on April 4.

Most residents of the city are not yet able to even go out into the courtyard of residential complexes from their own apartments and remain in home quarantine. For part of the population, this regime has been going on since mid-March. Prior to the start of the full and partial lockdown of most areas of the metropolis at the end of March, many residential complexes were provided with free sets of basic products that were distributed by volunteers to apartments. On Wednesday, according to the correspondent. TASS, another kit was delivered to many in the city, and then the authorities announced the start of another mass testing with the preservation of home quarantine for an indefinite period. infected, requiring medical attention or hospitalization, and because of the record number of asymptomatic carriers, who in China, according to established rules, are not left in home quarantine. In order to cope with the flow of asymptomatic patients, a number of stadiums and large exhibition centers in the city were converted into centralized quarantine facilities. Thousands of doctors from other regions also arrived in the city to assist in testing and other anti-epidemic measures.

In total, since the beginning of March, about 89.7 thousand asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus have been identified in Shanghai.

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