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Shanghai continues to lift quarantine restrictions

11.09.2020 38 просмотров

Shanghai has eased the quarantine for those traveling through the city from abroad to 3 neighboring provinces.

The Shanghai authorities have eased the quarantine regime for arrivals from abroad, who then transit to the neighboring eastern Chinese provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. This was stated in a statement released on Thursday by the city's working group to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Now, for those traveling to these three provinces via Shanghai from abroad, instead of 14 days of quarantine, it is allowed to pass it in the city for for three days, and the rest while self-isolation is possible at the final destination. On the fourth day of quarantine, health officials from these three provinces pick up visitors from separated places for self-isolation in special vehicles to avoid cross-contamination.

A three-day quarantine in Shanghai is possible only with a negative test for a new type of coronavirus. In the case of infection, standard procedures for placing the sick person in a medical facility for therapy and subsequent quarantine come into effect.

In Shanghai, during the entire outbreak of the new coronavirus, a total of 929 cases of infection were recorded, 587 of them were imported. Seven cases ended in death. In the city's hospitals, 45 infected people continue to receive treatment.

Currently, all efforts of the authorities are aimed at preventing import cases. All arrivals from abroad are required not only to undergo a two-week quarantine in specially designated places, but also to test for the detection of coronavirus nucleic acid in blood.

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