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Shanghai begins mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for certain groups of citizens

07.01.2021 104 просмотров

Shanghai is launching a vaccination program for citizens traveling abroad to work or study.

Shanghai authorities announced the start of a coronavirus vaccination program for city residents traveling abroad for work or study. This was stated in a message posted on Wednesday on the website of the local government.

From 7 January, all those who have a permanent residence permit in Shanghai will be able to apply for vaccination through a special application. For the time being, this program will cover only those who are going to leave China for study or work before the New Year according to the lunar calendar, which this year falls on 12 February. Anyone wishing to be vaccinated will need to provide a valid visa and ticket for airplane. Free and voluntary vaccinations will be available to those in the 18 to 59 age group.

Back in June last year, the Chinese authorities began using vaccines to protect citizens in emergency situations. On December 15, a new stage began, during which the drug began to be used in relation to a special category of persons, these include: doctors, customs officers, border logistics terminals, social institutions and the transport sector. On December 31, the State Administration for the Control of Pharmaceutical Products of the People's Republic of China announced the issuance of a permit for the regular supply of a new type of coronavirus vaccine to the China State Biotechnical Group (CNBG), which is controlled by the pharmaceutical company Sinopharm ("Sinopharm").

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