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Seven-year-old climber from India conquered Kilimanjaro

16.04.2018 51 просмотров

Young athlete Samanyu Pothuraju from the city of Hyderabad (Telangana) chose the highest peak Uhuro with a height of 5895 meters above sea level to climb.

The ascent began on March 29 and ended on April 2. The young athlete climbed the mountain with the national flag of India and set it on top, TASS reports. 

“It was a rainy day. I was a little scared, my legs hurt, I stopped to rest halfway, but then I got to the top,” Samanyu told Pothuraju. - I like it when there is a lot of snow. So I decided to go to Mount Kilimanjaro.” 

The boy was accompanied on his way up the mountain by his mother, as well as by a coach and another climber. Now Samanyu Pothuradju intends to go to Australia to climb the highest peak of this continent, Mount Kosciuszko. 

As the boy's mother told reporters, Samanyu dreams of a world record for the number of peaks conquered by a child of his age.

Samanyu Pothuraju. Photo ANI 01.jpg

Samanyu Pothuraju on Kilimanjaro. Photo ANI

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