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Sergey Savushkin: “In the name of good-neighbourly relations, it is necessary to tell the audience how and how people live in Asian countries”

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“The scope of our interests includes Asian countries and everything that happens there,” Sergey Savushkin said at the forum “Russia-Azerbaijan-Caspian: only good news.” 

The editor-in-chief of the Big Asia TV channel noted that our compatriots do not have an exhaustive picture of what is happening both in Asian countries and in the Asian part of Russia. “Despite the fact that everything “the very best” - all the major religions, the highest mountain, the deepest depression, the most important discoveries originated or were created in Asia, we know little about it, it is little studied, - quotes the words of Sergey Savushkin Sputnik information publication - Azerbaijan.

Misunderstanding can lead to phobias about Asian countries. To avoid this, in 2017 the media project "Greater Asia" was created, which is designed to convey to the audience how and how people live in the countries of the East. 

"When considering the news, we notice that 70% of of them are negative, the remaining 30% are neutral and positive. Negative news is always easier to sell. We intend to inform people only with positive news, ”the edition quotes the words of the editor-in-chief.

On the margins of the forum, Sergei Savushkin said that "Greater Asia" is ready to cooperate with Azerbaijani colleagues. He noted that the TV channel can broadcast Azerbaijani programs for the Russian audience. “This will be a platform where Azerbaijan could show itself to the Russian viewer in the format in which it is beneficial. Our channel broadcasts throughout the Russian Federation,” the media manager added. Currently, the possibility of broadcasting using two audio tracks at once is being worked out - in Russian and Azerbaijani. 

“We want to talk about how and what people live, how their relationships are built in the family, how they raise children how they do business, sports, how they get an education and so on, that is, about the main thing in people's lives. Therefore, positive information is a conscious choice of the "Greater Asia" program policy," Alexander Lebedev, General Director of the TV channel.

The round table, which ended in Baku, was devoted to the issues of cross-border interaction between the media working in the Caspian region. In addition to Sergei Savushkin, the director of the Information Center for the Study of the Post-Soviet Space at Moscow State University Darya Chizhova, as well as Azerbaijani political scientist Zaur Mammadov took part in its work.

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