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Sensory room for disabled children opened in Angarsk

14.02.2018 167 просмотров

On February 13, a sensory room for children with disabilities was opened in Angarsk.

The unique equipment was purchased thanks to a presidential grant, as well as with the support of the district administration and the Angarsk electrolysis chemical plant.

The initiator was the local Association of Parents of Disabled Children. The amount of the grant was about 500 thousand rubles, about 150 thousand rubles - funds from AECC and the municipal budget. The entrepreneur helped with the repair. 

20 pieces of equipment were placed in the sensory room. These are an interactive sandbox, a dry pool with lighting, an Infinity light panel, a bubble flask, a musical ottoman, aroma lamps and much more. The equipment works by affecting all the senses, and contributes to the development of fine motor skills, attention, and imagination of children. Depending on the individual needs of the child, it can be used to calm or, conversely, to achieve a stimulating and tonic effect. About 200 children will study in the room, consultations will be provided by a specialist of the Angarsk Association of Psychologists.

According to the author of the project, a member of the Association of Parents of Disabled Children Svetlana Sarzheeva, the public intend to apply for another grant in the near future. It is planned to open consulting rooms for various specialists on the basis of the organization.

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