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SEALs rescued distressed seals

03.03.2021 219 просмотров

Felines were rescued from a sinking ship.

Thai sailors rescue cats in distress. The ship, on which the tailed ones sailed, received a hole and slowly sank. Only one bow of the submerged craft remained on the surface.


A Coast Guard unit was inspecting the scene for a possible fuel leak from the wreck's tank when an officer spotted three felids nestling on the deck superstructure, barely protruding from the water.


Approach to the wreckage was impossible, as a crater could form during the final immersion of the hull, capable of dragging the fur seals' inflatable boat along with it. Then one of the sailors agreed to risk his life to rescue the animals that were already on the verge of death. It is noteworthy that the cats showed amazing ingenuity and not only did not resist, but actively helped the rescuer, holding him tightly by the neck. At the same time, as it turned out later, he did not receive a single scratch from animals literally distraught with fear.


After a happy ending to a dramatic incident, the felines were delivered safe and sound to the Thai naval base located on the island of Koh Lipe, where they were put on allowance local quartermaster service.


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