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Saudi women allowed to fly planes

26.07.2018 122 просмотров

The local school for the training of civil aviation pilots is ready to accept the first intake of female students.

For women in Saudi Arabia, previously closed areas of life are opening up. So, it became known that the Saudi branch of the British aviation school Oxford Aviation Academy, located in the city of Ed-Dammam on the Persian Gulf, opened a set for women. This is reported by the local edition of Gulf News.

Hundreds of women are ready to try themselves at the helm of an aircraft, the school's press service reports. At the same time, as reported on the official website of the Oxford Aviation Academy, about 400 cadets study at the school.

After passing the exams and passing the necessary medical tests, students will be able to start classes, which will begin from September this year. According to the director of the educational institution, cadets will be able to obtain a civil aviation pilot's license in three years.

"We no longer live in a country where women can only prove themselves in limited professional fields. All roads are open. If you have a desire, you have an opportunity!", Dalal Yashar, an applicant, told Gulf News .

It is worth noting that last month came into force the decision of the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, which lifted a long-standing ban on the right of women to drive independently.

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