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Saudi female drivers sparked a real social revolution

03.07.2018 92 просмотров

After the king of Saudi Arabia granted his female subjects the right to drive, the country's police literally grabbed their heads: after all, the passport data and fingerprints of the fair sex were completely absent in the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The situation had to be corrected right on the go, since, as you know, no one can cancel the royal edict. I had to urgently register Saudi women and enter fingerprint data on them. But for this it was necessary to issue another royal decree, since the enraged husbands strongly opposed the attempts of police officials to take their wives under strict state control.

Now in the country gossip about the legitimacy of the steps of the supreme power continues in an undertone. The ladies interested in changing their status loudly assert that the king’s undertaking is beneficial for the husbands themselves, since now the spouse is able to go to the store on her own or take the child to school. At the same time, the independence of drivers in a veil annoys the imams, since religious tradition forbids a woman to leave the house without a man.

In other words, the country is undergoing a quiet revolution, while car dealership owners are rubbing their hands: in the weeks since the new rules were introduced, women have already increased their total car sales by 10 %.

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