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Saudi Arabia lifts one of the bans

11.12.2019 55 просмотров

The country has abolished the rule that two entrances are required at each catering point: one for families and women, the second for bachelors.

The statement did not specify whether the restaurants will have common areas. In some establishments, unaccompanied men are already allowed in the same room as women and families.

Iranian women will be allowed
go to football

These changes are  another sign that Saudi Arabia is gradually moving away from its strict social order. The changes are being implemented by the crown prince and de facto ruler of the kingdom, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. 

Last year, the country hosted concerts, comedy shows and sports competitions where unaccompanied women and men could be in the same room. In addition, the monarch lifted the ban on driving cars for the fair sex, and also allowed them to obtain a passport.

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