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Saudi Arabia launches its first fashion model

08.07.2018 125 просмотров

She was 17-year-old Talida Tamer, who presented a new collection by designer Antonio Grimaldi at the Haute Couture Week in the French capital.

According to the girl, her family supported her desire to connect life with the world of fashion, especially her Italian mother, who herself appeared on the podium in the past. Talida said that her mother taught her a lot, gave a lot of valuable advice. 

The girl clarifies that if she failed to become a model, she would definitely devote herself to photography. She is extremely interested in communicating with representatives of the creative sphere, and working with a camera captures her completely. 

Talida Tamer is aware that in the state in which she was born, many do not approve of her choice. The girl says that she understands and respects their opinion. At the same time, she is very inspired by the feeling of a "pioneer". 

"It's so great to be one of the first in something," TASS quoted her as saying. 

The dream of a young fashion model - to see yourself on the covers of European and American versions of the world's leading fashion publications. Talida has already taken the first step towards achieving this goal: her photo graces the cover of the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar Arabia.

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