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Saudi Arabia allowed access to the Kaaba, but limited the flow of pilgrims

19.04.2021 105 просмотров

The holy month of Ramadan has begun for Muslims around the world. Saudi Arabia opened this year access to the main shrine of Islam - the Kaaba. 

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However The pilgrimage of the faithful is carried out in the country with strict observance of all epidemiological rules and prohibitions. Enforcement police effectively organize the flow of people on the Hajj and carefully enforce social distancing between pilgrims.

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Despite the ardent desire of believers from all over the world to come to Mecca, in 2021, instead of the usual for this period of the religious year, millions of believers , only a few hundred people could enter the central mosque of Mecca.

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Despite any disasters, according to the rules of the temple, access to the Kaaba is always open to Muslims, which symbolizes the opportunity for everyone who reveres the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran to fall to the main shrine of the faith.

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