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Saratov is preparing to host the Youth Delphic Games of Russia

10.02.2023 Пресс-служба Национального Дельфийского совета России 70 просмотров

From April 21 to 26, 2023, the XXII Delphic Youth Games of Russia will be held in the Saratov region.

The region has hosted the Games many times: the very first Russian Youth Delphic Games were held here back in 1999, the Second World Delphic Games were held in 2008, bringing together 1,167 people from 61 countries, and in 2018 the Thirteenth Open Youth Delphic Games of the CIS member states were held in the form of the First Delphic Championship.


The Information System for submitting and processing consolidated applications from the subjects of the Russian Federation for participation in the XXII Youth Delphic Games of Russia has started its work today. Since November 2022, the regions have been hosting qualifying events, the small Delphic Games, which determine the composition of national teams. It is expected that about 2,500 young artists aged 10 to 25 years will take part in the Games.

The competitions are aimed at facilitating the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin dated June 27, 2022 No. 401 "On holding the Year of Teacher and Mentor in the Russian Federation". The games are included in the list of events held within the framework of the Decade of Science and Technology. These topics will be reflected in official, competitive and scientific-practical events within the framework of the Saratov Region Games.

This year, the competition and festival program will include competitions in 34 categories of artistic, professional and scientific and technical creativity, among which, as already familiar: "Piano", "Theater", "Violin", "Fashion Design", "Art of Education", "Classical Dance", "Academic Singing", "Personal Data Protection", "Fine Arts", "TV Journalism", "Artistic Reading", "Epidemiology and Bioinformatics", etc., so are the new ones. Among them are the nomination "Historical Enlightenment", organized with the support of the Russian Historical Society, whose goals are to increase the general culture of working with historical sources and countering the spread of false information, and "Trend Analytics", conducted jointly with VTSIOM and has become an updated version of the nomination "Visualization and presentation of scientific research".

Within the framework of the XXII Youth Delphic Games of Russia, a presentation of the nomination will be held, which will be included in the competitive program of the next Games – "Radiobiology". The discipline will be conducted with the participation of A.I. Burnazyan FMBC, and the program requirements provide for the development of a model for analyzing the results of nuclear irradiation of cells using artificial intelligence.

During the competition, more than 100 sets of awards will be awarded – traditionally, these are gold, silver and bronze medals of the Delphic Games. The development of award attributes is closely related to the features and attractions of the region hosting the XXII Youth Delphic Games of Russia.

The volunteer corps of the Delphic Games in the Saratov region this year is a record: it will consist of about 600 young men and women from among students of specialized universities, currently undergoing selection and training in more than 30 areas of work of the Games headquarters.

The events of the Delphic Games in 2023 will be covered by electronic and print media. In addition to the Delphic Internet TV.TV videos of the Games will be available on the Odnoklassniki social network, which is a partner of the XXII Delphic Youth Games of Russia. The main channel on the basis of which information about competitive and official events will be provided will be the Telegram messenger.

In the field of creativity, the Delphic Games occupy a place similar to the position of the Olympic Games in sports. Games are developing as a global system for finding and supporting young talents, self-realization of young people in the artistic, scientific, technical and creative fields, education of the younger generation. To date, more than 100 world, international and national Delphic Games have been held. VTSIOM research shows that Games have become a very noticeable phenomenon of public life.

The media resource "Greater Asia" is the official information partner of the National Delphic Council of Russia

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